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Yun Heng graduated from the National University of Singapore with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in 2016 and was called to the Singapore Bar in August 2017. 

Yun Heng’s primary area of interest is in commercial litigation and his experience includes:

  • representing one of Singapore’s largest banks, United Overseas Bank Ltd (UOB), successfully bringing a widely reported multi-million dollar intellectual property dispute involving a currency conversion system for card payment systems to a close;

  • representing a Singapore shipping company in a claim brought by an Indian multinational conglomerate, invoking the Dumrul Undertaking in a successful application for Security for Costs: Siva Industries and Holdings Ltd v Foreguard Shipping I Singapore Pte Ltd [2017] SGHCR 5 

From time to time, Yun Heng volunteers with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) to provide criminal legal assistance to the poor and needy who are unable to afford a lawyer, and who are facing charges in a Singapore court for non-capital offences.



代表新加坡最大的银行之一大华银行 (UOB)成功解决一项数百万元的知识产权纠纷,该纠纷涉及卡支付系统的货币转换系统;

代表一家新加坡航运公司处理印度跨国集团提出的索赔,就一项成功的成本担保申请援引《杜姆鲁承诺》:Siva Industries and Holdings Ltd 诉 Foreguard Shipping I Singapore Pte Ltd [2017年] SGHCR 5

林律师不时会担任刑事法律援助计划 (CLAS) 的义务律师,向贫困需要帮助且没有能力聘请律师的人提供刑事法律援助,这些人在新加坡法院面临非死罪指控。