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​Padman is a consultant in the firm’s Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1990 and has been in practice since 1991.  

Areas of Practice

With deep experience in general and commercial litigation, Padman’s practice covers a broad range of areas. He has been regularly involved in commercial disputes of all types, and in property-based litigation, medical malpractice and general litigation involving the sale of goods/provision of services, contractual disputes and trusts, as well as defamation.

Padman is very experienced in international commercial arbitration and regularly acts as counsel in such disputes both before the Singapore International Arbitration Centre and International Chamber of Commerce arbitrations seated in Singapore. 

He has also acted for and advised various corporations, including Singapore and overseas listed corporations, on their obligations and concerns, in the areas of employment, contract, and statutory duties.    

A selection of the reported cases in which Padman acted are :

  • Govintharaju v Ganasen [1994] 2 SLR (R) 226

A case in which a successful application was made in the Court of Appeal for specific performance of a sale and purchase agreement and where the sellers claimed undue hardship

  • Foo Ko Hing v Foo Chee Heng [2002] 1 SLR (R) 604

A case concerning the confidentiality of information held by a solicitor who acted for both parties in a commercial transaction. 

  • UOB Bank Ltd v Ng Huat Foundations Pte Ltd [2005] 2 SLR (R) 425

The issue was whether an insolvent company who was involved in arbitration could stay a winding up application against it.

  • Hoban Steven Maurice Dixon v Scanlon Graeme John [2007] 2 SLR (R) 770

A minority oppression case, the Court of Appeal considered whether an order to “purchase” the minority’s shares was frustrated by a nil valuation.

  • Amutha Valli d/o Krishnan v Titular Superior of the Redemptorist Fathers in Singapore [2009] 2 SLR (R) 1091

Successfully defending the Church and one of its priests in the High Court against allegations of molest, false imprisonment and assault.

  • Ho Cheng Law v Low Yong Sen [2009] 3 SLR (R) 206

The issue was whether there was a general time limit to tax the bills of solicitors.

  • Yip Kok Seng v Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board [2010] 4 SLE 1990

The issue before the High Court was whether a decision by the TCMP Board to commence an investigation into the conduct of a practitioner should be set aside for lack of jurisdiction.

  • PSONS Ltd v UPF Holding Ltd [2014] 3 SLR 1

Successfully setting aside a Mareva Injunction asset freezing order in the High Court on the ground that the plaintiff had participated in the underlying conduct and was not of clean hands.

  • Zynerygy Solar Projects & Services Pvt Ltd v Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd [2017] SGHC 223

Whether an arbitral award could be set aside on grounds of breach of natural justice.

  • Quek Yen Fei Kenneth Yeo Chye Huat [2017] 2 SLR 229

Successfully obtaining a larger award of damages in the Court of Appeal for a young man who had his leg amputated and where important questions on the computation of damages arose.

  • Zero Mario Geraldo Nalpon v The Law Society of Singapore [2017] SGHC 301 and [2018] SGCA 71

Acting for the Law Society of Singapore and successfully resisting an application for judicial review.

  • Iskandar bin Rahmat v The Law Society of Singapore [2020] SGHC 40

Acting for the Law Society of Singapore and successfully resisting an application for disciplinary proceedings against criminal defence lawyers.

  • Loh Chiang Tien v Saman Dharmatilleke [2020] SGHC 45

Where complex questions arose about the basis of certain debts and investments and whether these were time-barred relationship.

  • Raffles Education Corporation Ltd v Shantanu Prakash [2020] SGHC 83

Whether a conspiracy case brought in Singapore against overseas entities should be stayed on the ground of forum non conveniens.


Padman lectures regularly to the insurance and banking industry on relevant legal issues. He has also lectured the management of a prominent research agency on their areas on interest.  Recently, he has given a lecture on "Good Faith in Insurance Contracts" at an event for legal professionals in the insurance industry.

He acts as an Adjudicator for MidRec, which is an adjudication scheme for consumers dissatisfied with cars purchased from CaseTrust-accredited car dealers.


By invitation, Padman has contributed an article to the magazine Human Resources on the subject of terminating an employment contract. Padman has also contributed chapters to leading practice text Singapore Precedents of Pleadings.


He has defended the Law Society of Singapore in matters in the High Court, as well as being a member of the Inquiry Panel of the Law Society, which looks into complaints of misconduct against lawyers.

​Padman also is a trainer in the compulsory Advocacy Course run by the Law Society for fresh law graduates before they are admitted to practice.

Other interests

In his limited free time, Padman has a keen interest in photography, and in heritage buildings and is often happy to give pro bono advice to charitable organizations. He is a member of the Resource Panel of a prominent heritage building in Singapore.

Appointments and Memberships

Padman is a member of the Law Society of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law.

巴德曼 (Padman) 律师是本所诉讼与仲裁业务组顾问,1990年毕业于新加坡国立大学,自1991年开始从事法律业务工作。






Govintharaju 诉 Ganasen [1994年] 2 SLR (R) 226


Foo Ko Hing 诉 Foo Chee Heng [2002年] 1 SLR (R) 604


大华银行诉 Ng Huat Foundations Pte Ltd [2005年] 2 SLR (R) 425


Hoban Steven Maurice Dixon 诉 Scanlon Graeme John [2007年] 2 SLR (R) 770


Amutha Valli d/o Krishnan 诉 Titular Superior of the Redemptorist Fathers in Singapore [2009年] 2 SLR (R) 1091 


Ho Cheng Law 诉 Low Yong Sen [2009年] 3 SLR (R) 206


Yip Kok Seng 诉中医管理委员会 [2010年] 4 SLE 1990


PSONS Ltd 诉 UPF Holding Ltd [2014年] 3 SLR 1


Zynerygy Solar Projects & Services Pvt Ltd 诉 Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd [2017年] SGHC 223 是否可以基于违反自然公正的理由而撤销仲裁裁决。

Quek Yen Fei Kenneth 诉 Yeo Chye Huat [2017年] 2 SLR 229


Zero Mario Geraldo Nalpon 诉新加坡律师公会 [2017年] SGHC 301 和 [2018年] SGCA 71 


Iskandar bin Rahmat 诉新加坡律师公会 [2020年] SGHC 40


Loh Chiang Tien 诉 Saman Dharmatilleke [2020年] SGHC 45


Raffles Education Corporation Ltd 诉 Shantanu Prakash [2020年] SGHC 83




巴德曼律师担任 MidRec 仲裁员,MidRec 是一项针对向新加坡消协保证标志 CaseTrust 认可的汽车经销商购买汽车的消费者感到不满意的仲裁计划。








P. Padman 巴德曼: TeamMember
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