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Mahes was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1989 and has been in active practice since.  While she has experience in a wide range of practice (including some civil claims and criminal litigation) her real focus is on Real Estate Conveyancing, Mental Capacity matters and Probate and Administration.   Mahes is also an active member of the Singapore Association of Women Lawyers (SAWL) and provides pro bono services at SAWL’s legal clinics.

Conveyancing Matters

All aspects of conveyancing and property law including, acting for Housing Developers in real estate development; acting for financial institutions and consumers in real estate financing; acting for vendors and purchasers of both private and public housing as well as commercial properties; drafting and reviewing lease agreements for landlords and tenants in real property leasing; advising on ABSD and SSD rules; and property related litigation.


Wills & Probate & Mental Capacity

Probate and Administration practice involving drawing up and advising on Wills, applying for Letters of Administration including resealing of foreign Grants; advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney; applications to appoint Deputy under the Mental Capacity Act; and liaising with the Office of the Public Guardian, IRAS Stamp Office and other authorities as necessary.

Mahes 于 1989年 获得新加坡律师资格,此后一直活跃。尽管她具有广泛的实践经验(包括一些民事诉讼和刑事诉讼),但她的真正重点是房地产转售,心理能力事务以及遗嘱认证和行政管理。 Mahes还是新加坡女律师协会(SAWL)的活跃成员,并在SAWL的法律诊所提供免费服务。


产权转让和财产法的所有方面,包括在房地产开发中为房屋开发商代理;代表金融机构和消费者进行房地产融资;代表私人和公共住房以及商业物业的卖方和买方;起草和审查房地产租赁中房东和房客的租赁协议;就 ABSD 和 SSD 规则提供建议;以及与财产有关的诉讼。



Emmanuel Premnath Maheswary: TeamMember
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